Homeschool Compass

To raise my child in a manner which allows her to discover her God given purpose in life and allows her the freedom to pursue that purpose. 

That's it, and it's big! 


  1. I so appreciate your candid view on homeschooling. We have 8 children, 5 school age. Over the years it was neither engaging or fun...for any of us!! But as I have learned from past mistakes and with the different learning styles I have had to adjust to, homeschooling has become less rigid and more fun. I lose my 6 year old as soon as I pull out a textbook and I have had to adjust. I really think the Lord has continued to give us children so that by the time we get to our final child, we will have perfected the art of parenting and homeschooling (Ha!) Thank you again for the encouragement.

    1. I am so glad you found the Compass helpful! That's one reason why I wrote it here! :)

  2. Kudos to you, Carrie! With two sons, 29 & 35 who were home educated for some or nearly all of their school-age years, I am happy to report they are Godly, well-adjusted, happy, productive citizens.
    God has opened doors of opportunity very specific to their needs & the skill-set He gave them! They are only 2 of 1000s of extremely successful home educated young men & women in this generation! Your willingness to follow wisdom's way in writing down the things you shared above is for now AND for the future, when you look back & marvel at the way God prepared you, equipped you & guided you on your home ed. journey! And, a journey it is!