Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long Tailed Baby Elf Hat - Tutorial & Pattern

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PATTERN PLEASE READ ALL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BEFORE POSTING A NEW QUESTION. I have been getting many repeat questions and questions that people would have known if they would read the pattern more carefully. Thank you.

Thanks for this pic Room 118!

I spent days searching for a free baby elf hat pattern & couldn't find one with a very long tail.  My sister in law photographer wanted a pair of these hats for a twin photo shoot. So I looked at some pictures of these hat and decided to make up my own.  Here is what a did.  It's kind of 1/2 Tutorial, 1/2 Pattern.

Materials - A size I crochet hook, 1 skein of each color. I used Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in strawberry & almond. This yarn is marked as level 4 worsted weight. It had a bumpy texture and seemed closer to a level 5 in bulkiness to me.


This hat is 37 inches from end of tail to bottom of the ribbed brim and about 12 inches in circumference.

So here is the basic pattern.
dc = double crochet
fpdc = front post double crochet
P = pink yarn
C = cream yarn

Join each round with a slip stitch in first stitch and chain 2. Do not turn.

R1: With P, Magic Loop, ch2, 6dc in loop. Pull the magic loop tight and join in first stitch. At this point be sure that the right side is on the outside. You will basically be making a tube for many rows. At this point I threaded the tail from the magic circle onto a needle and threaded it through the center of the 6 dc so it was hanging outside the hat and not inside it. otherwise it will be impossible to weave in later.

R2: Ch2, dc in each dc, join round with sl st to first dc

R3: repeat R2 in C

R4 - 21: keep doing 6 dc in each round alternating colors each round. Round 21 should be in C.

*How to change colors - work the last dc in the round until the last 2 loops are on the hook. Yarn Over in the new color. Drop the old color and complete the dc. You do not need to tie off between colors. Just let the old color fall and pick it up again when needed. *

R22 - 38: 2 dc in first stitch & 4th stitch. dc in the rest.  Keep working this way increasing each round by 2 by crocheting 2 dc in the first & center(middle) stitch of each round.  Also remember to alternate colors. By R38 you will have 40 dc in P.

R39: dc in each dc in C.
R40: dc in each dc in P.  The remainder if the rounds are all in P.
R41:  *dc in first dc, fpdc in the next dc* repeat until the end of the round.
R42 & 43: dc in each dc, fpdc in each fpdc. Tie off and weave in ends.

Make a pom-pom and attach it to the end of the tail.
If you are not familiar with the magic circle, fpdc or making a pom-pom just to a search on youtube. There are a TON of how to crochet videos on there!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Have Fun! If you make this please send me a picture!


I get a lot of questions about making different sizes of the hat. The directions below should help you make this hat in any size! The example given is for 3-6 months, but the method is the same for all sizes. 

To increase the size simple keep increasing until you get your desired circumference. Probably about 15 inches for 3-6 months. I would measure you child's head around where the bottom edge of the hat will sit and subtract 1/2 to one inch. You want the hat to stretch some or it will be too loose. My gauge is 3.3 sts per inch - so 3.3 sts x 12 inches = 39.6 rounded up to 40 sts. Using my gauge to make this a 15 inch hat I do the same. 3.3 sts x 15 inches = 49.5 sts rounded up to 50 sts - so I would keep increasing to 50 sts and follow the rest of the pattern. The hat will be longer so you can take out a few rows from the tube sections if you want too. Measure your own gauge across a row to figure out how many sts to increase to. Hope this helps!

***** You may do anything you like with items you make using my patterns.  If you sell them on-line I only ask that you link back to the post. You may also link back to this post on any blog or website. Please do not copy any part of this pattern and claim it as your own or copy and re-post it elsewhere. Thank You *****

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Luck O' The Irish - Shamrock Tutorial

My Etsy shop is up & so is my Facebook Fan Page. What better way to get things started than with a tutorial on how to crochet a shamrock & 4-leaf clover. So in honor of St. Patrick, March & my Irish ancestors - here it goes!
L- 4-Leaf Clover in Worsted Weight,   R- Shamrock with Bulky yarn

Materials - Any weight yarn with hook to match it's weight. You will need a very small amount of yarn.

To start you have 2 options - work in a magic ring or chain 3 and join with a slip stitch.

For Leaves - work the following into the center of the magic or chain ring you just made - ch3, tr, dc, tr, ch3, sl st - do this 3 times for a shamrock & 4 times for a 4-leaf clover.

Stem - after last sl st chain 5 to 7 (depending on how long you want your stem, I did 5). Sc in second chain from the hook. Sl st in each ch up the stem. fasten off & weave in ends.

Note - if you used a magic ring you should tighten it up before crocheting the stem.

Now you can make it into a pin, a magnet, put it on a hair clip or head band!
Hopefully some Irish luck will rub off on both you & me!

Until next time - Erin Go Bragh!